The Green Gate (Brama Zielona) in Gdańsk, Poland, is one of the most notable tourist attractions of the city. It is situated between Long Market (Długi Targ) and the River Motława. Together with the Golden Gate and the Highland Gate it was used to span the Long Street and Long Market, called the Royal Route. The Green Gate is a building which is clearly inspired by the Antwerp City Hall.

It was built between 1568-1571 to serve as the formal residence of the Polish monarchs. It is a masterpiece by Regnier (or Reiner van Amsterdam), the architect from Amsterdam and reflects the influence of the Flemish architecture in the city. Hans Kramer likely participated in the construction. On 11-20 February 1646 the future Queen of Poland, Marie Louise Gonzaga, was entertained here. The Nature Society, located here in the late 18th century, soon moved to the House of Naturalists (Research Society House). Today the Green Gate houses the National Museum in Gdańsk. Various exhibitions, meetings, conferences and shows are organized here. In one room, the office of former President Lech Wałęsa is located.

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Arquitecto definición de arquitecto Reiner van Amsterdam
Estilo definición de categoría Renacentista
Categoría definición de categoría construccion
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Coordenadas geográficas 54.3497000, 18.6482000
Dirección Gdansk, Długa 1
Fechas de construcción 1564 - 1568

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