Villa Koliba - the first building in the style of Zakopane in this city, designed by Stanisław Witkiewicz. Name Koliba in a local dialect means a shepherd's hut. Constructed in years 1892 - 1893 with money from the investor Zygmunt Gnatowski. In 1901 a section was added to the west wing.

The villa was built for landowner from Podolia - Zygmunt Gnatowski, who originally wanted to erect a simple cottage and place inside of it his ethnographic collections. From December 4, 1993 Koliba villa houses the Museum of the Zakopane Style, which is part of the Tatra Museum.

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Arquitecto definición de arquitecto Stanisław Witkiewicz
Categoría definición de categoría construccion
Material definición de material
Precio definiciones de precios
Coordenadas geográficas 49.2942596, 19.9430258
Dirección Zakopane, Kościeliska 18
Fechas de construcción 1892 - 1893

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