Trinità dei Monti

The Church of Santissinma Trinità dei Monti, in short: Trinità dei Monti, is located on top of the Spanish Stairs, towering over the Piazza di Spagna in Rome. It is a building in the late renaissance style. The church and its surroundings (Villa Medidi) are properties of the French state.

The history of the temple begins in 1494, when St. Francis of Paola, the hermit from Calabria, bought a vineyard located at the site. Next, he gained a permission from Pope Alexander VI to establish the Order of the Minims. In 1502 King of France, Louis XII, as a token of his victory in Naples, began a construction of the church, just next to the monastery of Minims brothers. The construction was finished in 1585. It was solemnly consecrated by Pope Sixtus V. The creator of a façade is not exactly known, but it is said that the church is a work of Giacomo della Porta. Whereas the stairs, commonly known as the Spanish Stairs, were designed by Dominico Fontana. In front of the church there is one of many Roman obelisks, which Rome is so famous with. It was brought to that place in 1789 and its creation dates back to the Roman Empire times. There is a hieroglyphic inscription which is a copy of the one from the Piazza del Popolo. During an occupation of Napoleon, there were many pieces of art and decorations stolen from the church, as well as from other sacral and secular buildings in Rome. It was renovated during the times of the House of Bourbon by Louis XVIII.

Inside the church there are paintings representing the life of John the Baptist by a Florentine manneristic master Giambattiste Naldini. In a chapel, on the right side, there is a masterpiece by Daniel Volterra who was a pupil of Michaelangelo. It depicts the Assumption of Mary. Inside a niche by the altar there is a canvas with the Crucifiction of Jesus Christ painted by Cesar Nebbie.

The church used to belong to French kings until the French revolution period. The Order of the Minims cared for the temple since it was partially demolished in 1798. As a result of a diplomatic convention between the Holy See and the French government, which took place from May to September 1828, the monastery and the church were entrusted to the Society of the Sacred Heart in order to educate young girls. On July 12, 2005 the Vatican along with the French Embassy established that the church of Santissinma Trinità dei Monti together with the monastery and the school would be a part of "Fraternités Monastiques de Jérusalem"' (The Jerusalem Community). It is a congregation of both clerical and lay people whose aim and vocation is to 'live in the heart of the city and in the heart of God". It was established in 1975 in France by Pierre-Marie Delfieux. Today, their seat is located in Montreal, Canada.

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