Tempel sinagoga en Kharkiv

Synagogue Beit Menachem-in Kharkiv, also called the Choir or Tempel - synagogue built between 1909-1913 in Kharkiv. The largest synagogue in Ukraine and the second in terms of volume in Europe.

It was erected on the site belonging to a merchant's house Zarudny. Land bought by the Jewish community - the authorities allowed her to build a synagogue on the condition that it will be withdrawn a few yards down the street and keep it away from the Orthodox church St.Claus. Architect of the synagogue was Yakov Gewirc.

In 1923 the synagogue was closed by the Soviet authorities, which allocated it to the headquarters of the club "Spartak".

After obtaining independence by Ukraine of the followers of Judaism served as the object rented from the state. In 2003 after renovation was financed by the international Jewish community and Jewish Kharkiv has been officially re-opening of the synagogue. At the head of the Jewish community of Kharkiv , stands Rabbi Moshe Moszkowycz.

Beit Menachem name was given in honor of lubawicki's Rabbi.

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Coordenadas geográficas 49.9935000, 36.2303830
Dirección Járkov, Puszkina 12
Fechas de construcción 1909 - 1903
Fecha de apertura 1913

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