Sirena de Varsovia

Warsaw Mermaid - the symbol of Warsaw, the crest emblem of Warsaw. No one knows why was placed on the coat of arms of Warsaw. It is placed there since 1390. But then, this siren had a different shape than today. Coat of arms of Old Warsaw in 1390 presented the animal with a bird's legs and torso covered with dragon scales. On the seal from 1459 the mermaid has already had female characteristics, the trunk of abird, human hands, fish tail and bird legs with claws. However, the first presentation of the siren comes only from 1622.

Sculpture in the Warsaw Old Town Square was made by Constantine Hegel. Originally (1855 - 1928) and now (since 2000) stands on the Market. In between these dates was moved to different locations in Warsaw. In 2008, the original sculpture made of brown zinc was taken from the market to perform maintenance works. The sculpture was in very poor condition due to mechanical injuries and numerous acts of vandalism. On 1 May 2008 came back the original sculpture, but yet on 12 of May the original version was moved to the Historical Museum of Warsaw, his place has replaced a copy

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Este objeto pertenece a Old Town Market Square in Warsaw

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Coordenadas geográficas 52.2497220, 21.0122220
Dirección Varsovia, Rynek Starego Miasta

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