Santuario en Szczyrk

Sanctuary of Our Lady in Szczyrk (Sanctuary "on the Hill") - Marian shrine located in the northern part of the city Szczyrk, at an altitude of 670 m above the sea level, in a place popularly known as the "hill" (hence the other name: Sanctuary on the Hill). It is located near the tourist route from Szczyrk to Klimczok. There are many pilgrimages comming to this place to see the miraculous image of Our Lady and a wonderful spring.

The beginning of the cult of Our Lady of Szczyrk dates back to 1894, when it was a place of wonderful revelations. In this moment started the construction of the first wooden chapel. Over time, due to the numerous pilgrims coming here, there was a need to build a new, larger church. Construction of a stone church was begun in 1912 and completed after the First World War.

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Coordenadas geográficas 49.7236036, 19.0206375
Dirección 43-370 Szczyrk, Wrzosowa 25
Fechas de construcción 1912 - 1918
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