Reserva natural Żurawiniec

Nature reserve Żurawiniec - moor nature reserve locatedin the northern part of Poznan, in a small forest near Jasna Rola street. It was created in 1959 at the initiative of Heleny Szafran in order to protect the moor vegetation existing there. This bog has developed in an elongated, currently drain-less hollow, which is the post-glacial trough. In the southern parts of the reserve retains a small, shallow body of water.

Currently reserve is located in the vicinity Piątkowo estates. From the east side adjacent to the each time more intensive residential area. This indirectly led to the total degradation of the most valuable elements of the nature. The reserve is a very popular place for walks.

Żurawiniec reserve has an area of ​​1.47 hectares. It used to have the following species: sundew, Liparis loeselii, Menyanthes, Carex Rostrata, Carex Stricta and other protected plant species. At present flora and vegetation associated with peat bogs has almost completely disappeared, due to disorders of water, eutrophication and massive penetration of the area by humans.

There are still some rare plant species for area of Poland, e.g. Comarum palustr, ordinary pennywort, which justifies the continued existence of the reserve.

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parque natural
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Coordenadas geográficas 52.4555560, 16.9402780
Dirección Poznań, Jasna Rola
Fecha de apertura 1959
área 1.47

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