Punta della Dogana

The Punta della Dogana (roughly meaning: customs point; also Punta della Salute or Punta da Màr) is a thin triangular area in Venice dividing the Grand Canal from the Giudecca Canal and overlooking the San Marco Basin. The area is home to three important architectural complexes: the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, the patriarchal seminary and the complex of the Dogana da Mar (Sea Customs Post), from which the area takes its name.

Recently, Punta della Dogana has became also a name for the center of contemporary art, which is actually located within the Dogana da Mar complex. The center is the second venue in Venice run by Francoise Pinault Foundation after the Palazzo Grassi, in which French billionaire's personal art collection is exhibited.

Dogana da Mar, at the tip of the island, was built in the 15th century to serve as the customs office and to allow merchants to download over there goods comming by sea. However, today's shape of the building results mostly from its complete reconstruction in 1677 commissioned to Giuseppe Benoni. He designed a vast colonnaded building with 8 characteristic bays and, at the very end of the island, a tower with a statue representing Fortune and indicating the wind direction (Palla d'Oro).  

In 2009, another major renovations in the interior of the customs house laying empty for past 30 years were commissioned by Francois Pinault to Japanese minimalist Tadao Ando. The building became accessible to people with reduced mobility, mechanical and electrical systems adequate to the preservation and protection of works of art on display were installed and finally the protection from high waters was guaranteed. The "signature" of the Japanese architect is represented by some exposed concrete walls, typical of his work, which served in part to mask the technological equipment necessary for a modern exhibition center, and partly to allow creating more open spaces.

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Coordenadas geográficas 45.4309700, 12.3369170
Dirección Venecia, Canal Grande
Fechas de construcción 1677 - 2009
Fecha de apertura 2009
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