Puente del Fabricio

Pons Fabricius (the Fabricius' Bridge) is a bridge located in Rome, Italy. It was built in 62BC. It links an island, Insula Tiberia, situated on the Tiber river, with the main land.

Its name originates from the creator of the bridge, Lucius Fabricius. He was a civil servant responsible for road infrastructure. Very little has been known about him as the inscriptions on the bridge are the one and only written recollection of hic work. The Fabricius Bridge is a double-span bridge and its length is 57 meters.

It is one of the oldest bridges in Rome. Frequently, it was demolished by floods, hence it was repeatedly renovated. In the Medieval ages it was called the Jewish Bridge due to the ghetto in the nearby.

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Barrio VII Via Lata (14 regioni di Roma augustea)
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Coordenadas geográficas 41.8910731, 12.4782121
Dirección 00186 Roma, Ponte Fabricio
Longitud 57.00

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