Museo Nacional de Poznań

The National Museum, Poznań (Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu), Poland, is a national institution of culture and one of the largest museums in Poland. It comprises a rich collection of Polish painting since the 16th century and a collection of foreign paintings (Italian, Spanish, Dutch and German). The museum is also home to numismatic collections and a gallery of applied arts .

The National Museum in Poznań was established in 1857, as the "Museum of Polish and Slavic Antiquities". During World War II the building was damaged, the collection looted by German soldiers, while numerous museum exhibits, including the natural and ethnographic collections, were destroyed. After the war the Polish Government retrieved many of the works seized by the Germans.
The Main Building features one of the largest galleries of foreign painting in Poland, predominantly originating from the collection possessed by the Counts Raczyńskis:

  • Sofonisba Anguissola, The Chess Game,
  • Angelo Bronzino, Portrait of Cosimo I dei Medici in armour,
  • Alonso Sánchez Coello, The Royal Feast,
  • Jan van Kessel, el Mozo, Dwarfs with a dog,
  • Quentin Massys, Madonna and Child with the Lamb,
  • Juan Carreño de Miranda, The Assumption,
  • Claude Monet, Beach in Pourville, recovered on 12 January 2010.
  • Johann Friedrich Overbeck, The Marriage,
  • Francesco Raibolini, Madonna and Child with St. Francis,
  • Jacob Ruysdael, Fishing,
  • Frans Snyders, Wild Boar Hunt,
  • Bernardo Strozzi, The Abduction of Europa,
  • Jacopo Tintoretto, The Siege of Asola,
  • Diego Velázquez (his studio?), Blind Woman,
  • Francisco de Zurbarán, The Virgin of the Rosary venerated by Carthusians.
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Arquitecto definición de arquitecto Zbigniew Bednarowicz
Józef Murlewski
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Coordenadas geográficas 52.4086110, 16.9288890
Dirección Poznań, Aleje Karola Marcinkowskiego 26
Fechas de construcción - 1857
Fecha de apertura 1882
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