Mural en Piotrkowska

A mural is painted on a wall in Lodz on the building at 152nd Piotrkowska Street.

The idea of such a large painted mural arrouse in 2000 during the "Color Tolerance". The idea of painting with a surface of 600 square meters was approved in August 2001. Implementation began in September, and the painting was completed on November 26.

Initially, the painting was created with the title "winning boat". It was supposed to show the ocean on which boat was sailing after winning a battle with another, already sinking ship. This idea, however, was not accepted due to an insufficient number of elements typically associated with street Piotrkowska.

The authors of the gigantic mural are members of the Futura Design Group. To create paintings with dimensions of 30 m length and 20 m in height, were used about 2,000 cans of spray paint.

Currently (2012) it is one of the largest graffiti - murals in Europe (after painting in 2001, it was the largest mural in the world).

Fuente de la descripción: planerGO

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Precio definiciones de precios
Coordenadas geográficas 51.7600442, 19.4587505
Dirección Łódź, Piotrowska 152
Fechas de construcción 2001 - 2001
Fecha de apertura 2001
Altura 20.00
Longitud 30.00

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