Metro de Donetsk

The Donetsk Metro (Донецьке метро) is a future underground rapid transit system in Donetsk, construction of which is currently abandoned due to lack of funding. If finished, it will become the fourth metro in Ukraine (after the Kiev, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk metros). A development plan announced earlier calls for 3 lines and 22 stations, with all lines crossing in the center of the city, and also two lines crossing in suburban areas. When the city of Donetsk reached the million inhabitants mark in the 1980s, it was entitled to build its own metro system, which was designed to follow the usual layout in the Soviet Union. In 1984 the first plans for a metro system in Donetsk were shown to the public, but construction did not immediately begin. Only after Ukraine gained independence, the Cabinet of Ministers issued a decree on 30 December 1991 to build the new underground metro system in Donetsk.

In 2000, the first work on four of the six underground stations began. However, the financial situation of Donetsk did not improve. In 2004 the Ukrainian government assured further means for the completion of the metro by 2010. By 2007 this seemed over-optimistic due to the slow pace of construction work. However, it later emerged that Donetsk would be one of the host cities for the Euro 2012 football championships, raising hopes for the Metro to be opened by then, although the budget that had been allocated was clearly insufficient at the time. In 2009 funding of the project was disrupted so severely that construction workers staged several strikes to demand payment of their salaries. In 2011 the city mayor announced that construction was to be suspended indefinitely due to continuing underfunding and inability to finish a first line in time for Euro 2012. The first underground line of the system, which will carry the name Proletarsko-Kyivs'ka Line (Пролетарсько-Київська), is to be 9.6 km (6.0 mi) long and have six stations: Proletars'ka (Пролетарська), Chumakovs'ka (Чумаковська), Chervone Mistechko (Червоне мiстечко), Mushketovs'ka (Мушкетовська), Livoberezhna (Лiвобережна), and Politechnichnyi Institut (Полiтехнiчний iнститут). The system's red line, Proletarsko-Kyivska, is planned to extend 21 km (13 mi) with 15 stations. Additionally, the blue line, Shakhtarsko-Makiyivs'ka Line (Шахтарсько-Макiївська), is planned to extend 25 km (16 mi). Finally, the green line, Petrovs'ko-Chervonohvardiyska Line (Петровсько-Червоногвардiйська), is to have 14 stations. In its final stage, the Donetsk Metro is planned to be 70 km (43 mi) long, with a total of 46 stations.

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