Rusalka - pond with an area of 36.7 ha lying in Poznan, in western golęcin green wedge. Powered by Bogdanka and Golęcinka. Catchment area - 26.6 km ².

Lake-type zander. There are also carp, European eel, bream, tench, bleak, grass carp, pike, mackerel, white bream, ruffe, roach, rudd, perch and stickleback. The tank very popular with anglers, especially on weekends.

The entire lake is surrounded by woods and is an important recreational center for residents. Hosts a sports and recreation events at various levels, including Grand Prix of Poznan in cross country, or New Year's meeting of cyclists.

The lake was created in 1943 by damming the waters of Bogdanka. To perform earthwork for the creation of the reservoir forced the Jews imprisoned in the Nazi forced labor camps in Poznan.

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Coordenadas geográficas 52.4266667, 16.8786111
Dirección Poznań, Niestachowska
Fecha de apertura 1943

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