La Villa Doria Pamphilj

The Villa Doria Pamphilij is the biggest park in Rome located on Via Aurelia Antica. It covers the area of 180 hectares.

The garden was founded in 1630 by Panfilo Pamphili. The park is floristic-wise diverse, but except interesting plants there are also intriguing buildings and tourist attractions. Arco di Quattro Venti, situated near the main entrance of Porta San Pancrazio, is a visitors centre. It is easy to get from it to the Piazzale dei Ragazzi, where the Palazzina Corosini is located. Inside there is a library as well as an exhibition hall. It is also worth coming to see a superb panoramic view of Walle dei Daini. The Casino del Bel Respiro is probably the most beautiful building located in the park. Next to it there is a garden, a little bit forgotten, what makes it even more tempting, as well as Giardini del Teatro. Further on, there is the chapel of Doria Pamphilj. It is the youngest building in the park built at the turn of the 20th century together with the fountain del Giglio.

The Villa Doria Pamphilij is a favourite place of Romans practising jogging, but also families with kids, all because of its friendly and calm atmosphere. On the west side there is plenty of charming paths or ponds what makes strollers feel as if they are in the countryside.

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