The Rostra is a rostrum located in the forum Romanum in Rome.

By order of Julius Caesar the square was rebuilt and then the rostrum was moved away to the different location but still in the Forum. It was built on a rectangular plan with dimensions of 29 and 30 metres. The base was 5 metre high. On the east side of the rostrum bows of ships were attached during the Lateran war. Later, some more elements of ships taken over after the battle of Actium between Octavian Augustus and Marcus Antonius were incorporated into the fountain.

Today, there are only some fragments of the fountain that remained in situ.

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Este objeto pertenece a The Roman Forum

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Barrio VIII Forum Romanum (14 regioni di Roma augustea)
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Coordenadas geográficas 41.8925582, 12.4841809
Dirección 00184 Roma, Via della Madonna dei Monti
Longitud 29.00
Anchura 30.00

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