Iglesia de st. Martin de Wroclaw

Church of Sts. Martin in Wroclaw is a small Gothic church located in the western part of Wroclaw Cathedral Island. It is one of the oldest existing church buildings in Wroclaw (the only older is Church of Sts. Giles). The present church Martin is the only building that remained from buildings of the Piast castle in Wroclaw. It was created from brick, probably by the mason Wiland.
It was rebuilt in the years 1957 - 1960 by Tadeusz Kozaczewskiego in highly modified form.

Before Second World War the church was a centre of Polish culture in a primarily German city. Poles gathered here to hear sermons and sing hymns in their own language. The last Polish mass under Nazi oppression was held here in 1939. The church was 80% destroyed in the siege of Wrocław. A plaque outside reads in part, "We are Poles...A Pole is a brother to a Pole...Poland is our mother, we cannot speak badly of our mother."

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Este objeto pertenece a Cathedral Island in Wrocław

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Arquitecto definición de arquitecto Tadeusz Kozaczewski
Estilo definición de categoría Gótico
Categoría definición de categoría iglesia
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Coordenadas geográficas 51.1155560, 17.0427780
Dirección Breslavia, świętego Marcina 12

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