Iglesia de Santo Francisco Seráfico en Poznan

Church of St. Francis Seraphic in Poznan, usually called the Church of St. Bernard is a baroque church. Has an adjacent monastery located at ul. Garbary 22 opposite to the Bernardine Square. In 1455 Poznan townsman Maciej Czarny with the support of Bishop Andrzej Bniński gave ground to Bernardines. The monks came to town on Christmas Day of 1456 and soon built a wooden church which in 1470 converted into a brick temple. The church in late Gothic style.

In 1609 to the church was added a Renaissance chapel of Our Lady of Loreto.
During the Swedish invasion, in 1657, the church was burned down by Brandenburgs. The most valuable items were stolen from the sacristy as well as many manuscripts and prints from the extensive library of the monastery. To this day they are in the royal library at Stockholm and Uppsala. The reconstruction began in 1658 under the direction of Krzysztof Bonadura Starszy and George Catenazzie. The construction was completed in 1668.

Before the monastery on a small courtyard you can find a statue of St. Francis of Assisi and a cracked bell of St. Francis and John Capistrano. The monastery library has about 10,000 manuscripts and old books, including 172 incunabulas. Near the library is also a small museum related to the missions with about 400 ethnographic exhibits from countries visited by missionaries.

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Coordenadas geográficas 52.4031621, 16.9371390
Dirección Poznań, Garbary 22

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