El Arco de Constantino

The Arch of Constantine is located near Colosseum in the centre of Rome, Italy. It was built between 312 and 315 on the 10th anniversary of the reign of Emperor's Constantine as well as to celebrate his victory over Maksencius.

The building is 25,7 metres wide, 21 metres high while its walls are 7,4 metres thick. The building's structure consists of three spans and four Corinthian columns divided by passages. The arch is topped with an attic with sculptures depicting Trajan's victories over other tribes. Between the sculptures there are plates with reliefs from Marcus' Aurelius times. In all likelihood, at first, they served as decorations of some other arch which however did not stand the test of time. The plates depict scenes of many victories of Aurelius in the Marcommanic Wars. Above the outer passages there are medallions from
the times of Hadrian. On the plates, on the south and the north sides, one can admire scenes demonstrating hunting for a bear and a lion. Inside the passage of the main gate and on the side walls, we can find ballistic scenes from the Ulpia Bassilica in the Trajan's Forum. The rest of the scenes on the Arch of Constantine are depicting other wars, battles, offerings to gods and orations to the
people or the army. Medallions on the sides have images of Diana, the Moon and the Sun.

Carvings, which come from the times of Constantine the Great, are distinguished by their multi-dimensional and symmetrical composition. In the middle of the arch, on its front side, there is an en face statue of the emperor. Other statues of different personages located on the medallions are depicted in profile or en trois quarts (three fourths). Thanks to the overlapping of those figures the author was able to achieve the effect of depth. The depicted scenes are highly symbolic, which is typical of the times.
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Precio definiciones de precios gratuito
Coordenadas geográficas 41.8895897, 12.4940828
Dirección 00184 Roma, Piazza del Colosseo 4
Fechas de construcción 312 - 315
Altura 21.00
Longitud 25.70
Anchura 7.40

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