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Wrocław Town Hall (Ratusz) stands at the centre of the City’s Rynek (Market Square). It has a long history reflecting the developments that have taken place in the city over the period since its initial construction. Today, it continues to be in the service of the city. The Ratusz is used for civic and cultural events (for example, concerts are sometimes held in the Great Hall ), it houses a museum, and the basement is now a restaurant. The Ratusz developed over a period of about 250 years from the end of the 13th century though to the middle of the 16th century. The structure and plan changed of course over this extended period in response to the changing needs of the city. History does not record exactly when the initial construction began. However, in the period 1299-1301 the consistorium a single floor structure with cellars and a tower was built.

The oldest parts of the current building – the Burghers’ Hall and the lower floors of the tower may date from this time. In these early days, the primary purpose of the building was trade, rather than civic administration. In 1328-1333, the building was enlarged with the addition of an upper story to house the Council room and the Aldermen’s room. This expansion continued during the 14th century with the addition of extra rooms, most notably the Court room, again indicating an expansion of the role of the building. It was becoming a key location for the city’s commercial and administrative functions. The 15th and 16th centuries were a time of prosperity for the city of Wrocław, and this is reflected in the rapid development of the Ratusz.

The building programme gathered momentum, particularly during the period from 1470 to 1510, when several rooms were added, the Burghers’ Hall was re-vaulted to take on its current shape, and the upper story began to take shape with the development of the Great Hall and the addition of the Treasury and Little Treasury. Further innovations during the 16th century included the addition of the city’s coat of arms (1536), and the rebuilding of the upper part of the tower (1558-59). This was the final step in the main building programme. By 1560, the major features of today’s Ratusz were established.

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