Avenue full of life

The street is full of attractions, you can find almost everything in there, especially a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and shops. In my opinion the best part is Block of Discord where you will see amazing buildings of four great, Modernisma architects.

Draw attentiont to hexagonal tiles, they were designed by Gaudi himself. Btw if you don't like overcrowded places it isn't the best spot for you.


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foto de merce merce 10 de agosto de 2012 00:00

Totally agree with the comment. I think it is absolutely necessary to stroll around the Block of Discorde and pay special attention to Amatller House, Batlló House and Lleó i Morera House. Those three buildings are amazing! It's even not necessary to pay for looking inside! I can stand up a lot of time enjoying only the façades! Also, Milá House is in the same Avenue, so...too much art in the same street!
About shops I have to say that almost all of them are quite posh but you can also find H&M, Zara and other 'low cost' retail shops. And be careful about bags and complements that are sold in the middle of street, they are not Prada or Louis Vuitton, at all!

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