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Lviv (Львів L’viv) is a city in western Ukraine. The city is regarded as one of the main cultural centres of today's Ukraine and historically has also been a major Polish and Jewish cultural center, as Poles and Jews were the two main ethnicities of the city until the outbreak of World War II and the following Holocaust and Polish population transfers (1944–1946). The historical heart of Lviv with its old buildings and cobblestone roads has survived World War II and ensuing Soviet presence largely unscathed. The city has many industries and institutions of higher education such as the Lviv University and the Lviv Polytechnic. Lviv is also a home to many world-class cultural institutions, including a philharmonic orchestra and the famous Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet. The historic city centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Lviv celebrated its 750th anniversary with a son et lumière in the city centre in September 2006.
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markerA Dormition Church of Lviv The Dormition or Assumption Church (Успенська церква) is the main Orthodox church in the city of Lviv, Ukraine. At present it is leased to the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. It was constructed in the late 16th and early 17th centuries with funds provided by the Greek merchant Constantine C... Dormition Church of Lviv - photo
markerB St. George's Cathedral of Lviv St. George's Cathedral in Lviv, Ukraine. St. George's Cathedral (Собор святого) is a baroque - rococo cathedral located in the city of Lviv, the historic capital of western Ukraine. It was constructed between 1744-1760 on a hill overlooking the city. This is the third manifestation of a church to in... St. George's Cathedral of Lviv - photo
markerC Market Square of Lviv The Rynok Square in Lviv (Площа Ринок) is a central square of the city of Lviv, Ukraine. It was planned in the second half of the 14th century, following granting city rights by Polish king Casimir III, who annexed Red Ruthenia. The king ordered Lviv to be moved more to the south, where a new city w... Market Square of Lviv - photo
markerD Armenian Cathedral of Lviv The Armenian Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary (Вірменський собор) in Lviv, Ukraine is located in the city's Old Town, north of the market square. A small Armenian church was built in the years 1363–1370, founded by an Armenian merchant from Caffa and established as the mother church of an eparchy... Armenian Cathedral of Lviv - photo
markerE Korniakt Palace The Korniakt Palace (Палац Корнякта)on Market Square in Lviv is a prime example of the royal kamienica, or townhouse. The fabric of the palace is of various dates. It was originally built by architect Piotr Barbon for merchant Konstanty Korniakt, a champion of Greek Orthodoxy and co-founder of the L... Korniakt Palace - photo
markerF Lviv's Old Town Lviv's Old Town (Старе Місто Львова) is the historic centre of the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, in the Lviv Oblast (province), recognized as the State Historic-Architectural Sanctuary in 1975. Since 1998, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) lists Lviv's h... Lviv's Old Town - photo
markerG Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet The Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet (Львівський Державний академічний театр опери та балету імені Соломії Крушельницької) is an opera house and theatre located in Lviv, Ukraine. The building was built between 1897 and 1900. The Lwów Opera was originally called the Grand Theatre (Великий міський теа... Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet - photo
markerH Arena Lviv Arena Lviv is a football-only stadium in Lviv, Ukraine. It is one of the eight UEFA Euro 2012 venues, where it will host three of the group-stage games. According to the official project, the stadium has an all-seated capacity of 34,915. It will also be the new home ground of FC Karpaty Lviv from 10... Arena Lviv - photo
markerI Cemetery of the Defenders of Lwów The Cemetery of the Defenders of Lwów (also called Cemetery of Eaglets, Orlat Cemetery) is a memorial and a burial place for the Poles and their allies who died in Lviv (Polish: Lwów) during the hostilities of the Polish-Ukrainian War and Polish-Soviet War between 1918 and 1920. The complex is a par... Cemetery of the Defenders of Lwów - photo
markerJ Church of Transfiguration of Lviv The Church of the Transfiguration (Преображенська церква) in Lviv, Ukraine is located in the city's Old Town, just north of the market square. It was originally built as the Roman Catholic church of the Holy Trinity of the Trinitarian Order, between 1703 and 1731, in the style of French classicism b... Church of Transfiguration of Lviv - photo

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Geographical coordinates: 49.8333, 24
Approximate population: 760,000

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