Pamplona - information about the city

Pamplona ( Spanish [pamˈplona], Basque: Iruñea [iˈɾuɲea] or Iruña [iˈɾuɲa] ) is the historial capital city of Navarre, in Spain, and of the former kingdom of Navarre.

Pamplona - tourist attractions

markerA Town Hall Square in Pamplona Town Hall Square in Pamplona (Iruña in Euskara) is the square where is located the city council.The town hall is the main building in the square and it has paticular interest because is the place where is launched the famous 'chupinazo', which opens the popular festival of San Fermines. The chupinaz... Town Hall Square in Pamplona - photo

Relevant data

Geographical coordinates: 42.8167, -1.6333
Approximate population: 198,491

Famous architects who died in the city