Castile and León - tourist attractions

markerA Aqueduct of Segovia The Aqueduct of Segovia (or more precisely, the aqueduct bridge) is a Roman aqueduct and one of the most significant and best-preserved ancient monuments left on the Iberian Peninsula. It is the foremost symbol of Segovia, as evidenced by its presence on the city's coat of arms.The aqueduct transpor... Aqueduct of Segovia - photo
markerB Convento de San Esteban The Convento de San Esteban is a Dominican monastery situated in the Plaza del Concilio de Trento (Council of Trent) in the city of Salamanca. The Dominicans settled in Salamanca in about 1255, but their original monastery was demolished to construct the parish church of St. Stephen in 1524, at the... Convento de San Esteban - photo
markerC Castle in Coca Castle in Coca - photo
markerD Alcázar of Segovia The Alcázar of Segovia is a stone fortification, located in the old city of Segovia, Spain. Rising out on a rocky crag above the confluence of the rivers Eresma and Clamores near the Guadarrama mountains, it is one of the most distinctive castle-palaces in Spain by virtue of its shape - like the bow... Alcázar of Segovia - photo

Castile and León - Tourist attractions

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