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markerA Szrenica Szrenica (1362 m a.s.l. German Reifträger) is a mountain peak situated in the western part of Karkonosze on Polish and Czech border within the Karkonosze National Park. Its name originates from the Polish word szron(frost). There is a weather station situated close to the summit. The peak is defores... Szrenica - photo
markerB SkiArena Szrenica SkiArena Szrenica - a set ski slopes in Szklarska Poręba on the slopes of Szrenica and Łabski Summit. In total there is 1 black run, 2 red and 3 easy with overall length of 10.5 km. The longest slope has length of 4 km. SkiArena Szrenica - photo
markerC Szklarki waterfall Szklarki waterfall is the second highest (after the 27 m high Kamieńczyk) waterfall in Polish Giant Mountains. Szklarki waterfall is situated at an altitude of 520 m above the sea level and has a height of 13.3 m. It has a wide cascade, a characteristic tapering and twisting downward spiral. Water... Szklarki waterfall - photo
markerD Death curve in Szklarska Poręba Death curve is a sharp road bend (180°) and a viewing point on the Giant Mountains and valley of Jelenia Góra. It is located on the provincial road no. 358 known as the Sudecka road between Szklarska Poręba and Swieradowy-Zdroj. The turn was built on the slope of the Black Mountain in the years 1935... Death curve in Szklarska Poręba - photo

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Geographical coordinates: 50.8258, 15.5183
Approximate population: 7,094

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