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markerA Ostrów Lednicki Ostrów Lednicki is an island in Poland, on Lake Lednica. Ostrów Lednicki is located between Gniezno and Poznań. The first settlement was built here in medieval times Remains of a chapel, church and palace, thought to be the home of the first Kings of the Piast dynasty. Today the ruins are of archae... Ostrów Lednicki - photo
markerB Museum of the Piast dynasty in Lednica Museum of the Piast dynasty in Lednica - multi-branch museum featuring relics of the stone architecture of the palace, the church and the village of wooden buildings. Museum openeds on Jan. 1, 1969. The Archaeological Reserve was established then on the Ostrow Lednicki to protect the Piast heritage... Museum of the Piast dynasty in Lednica - photo

Relevant data

Geographical coordinates: 52.519722, 17.388056
Approximate population: 420

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