Eger - information about the city

Eger ( [ˈɛɡɛr]; German: Erlau; Turkish: Eğri ) is the second largest city in Northern Hungary, the county seat of Heves, east of the Mátra Mountains. Eger is best known for its castle, thermal baths, historic buildings (including the northernmost Turkish minaret ), and red and white wines.

Eger - tourist attractions

markerA Castle of Eger The Castle of Eger is a castle in Eger, Hungary. Historically, it is known for its repelling of the Turkish attack in 1552 during the Siege of Eger. The first castle was built on the high hill named Várhegy at Felsőtárkány near Eger. During the Mongol invasion in 1241, this castle was ruined, and ... Castle of Eger - photo

Relevant data

Geographical coordinates: 47.9, 20.3833
Approximate population: 36