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Helsingør ( [hɛlseŋˈøɐ̯ˀ]; also known as Elsinore in English) is a city and the municipal seat of Helsingør municipality on the northeast coast of the island of Zealand (Danish: Sjælland ) in eastern Denmark. Helsingør has a population of 46,279 (1 January 2011) including the southern suburbs of Snekkersten and Espergærde. It is known internationally for Elsinore Castle as the setting of William Shakespeare 's Hamlet, whence the spelling 'Elsinore' originated.

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markerA Kingo Houses Kingo Houses is a housing development designed by architect Jørn Utzon in Helsingor, Denmark. The development consists of 63 L-shaped houses based upon the design of traditional Danish farmhouses with central courtyards and that of Chinese and Islamic dwellings. The design of the Kingo Houses was b... Kingo Houses - photo

Relevant data

Geographical coordinates: 56.0333, 12.6167
Approximate population: 46,189

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