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Kyrenia ( Greek: Κερύνεια, Turkish: Girne ) is a town on the northern coast of Cyprus, noted for its historic harbour and castle. Internationally recognised as part of the Republic of Cyprus, Kyrenia has been under Turkish control since the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974. Once predominantly inhabited by Greek Cypriots, Kyrenia's population consists now largely of Turkish Cypriots and settlers from Turkey.

Kyrenia - tourist attractions

markerA Kyrenia Castle Kyrenia Castle (Greek: Κάστρο της Κερύνειας Turkish: Girne Kalesi), at the east end of the old harbour in Kyrenia is a 16th-century castle built by the Venetians over a previous Crusader fortification. Within its walls lies a twelfth-century chapel showing reused late Roman capitals, and the Shipwre... Kyrenia Castle - photo

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Geographical coordinates: 35.3417, 33.3167
Approximate population: 0

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