Sołacki Park

Sołacki Park - one of the public parks in Poznan, in a residential district Sołacz. Its total area is 14.63 hectares. It has the shape of an elongated and flattened at both ends ellipse. It has width of about 250 m and a length of about 1.1 km.

It is a park decorated in English style. They imported and planted about 3000 trees and 12,000 shrubs with significant diversity of species. The waters of Bogdanka created in park many ponds with irregular edges, with a constriction in the middle simulating the existence of two independent bodies of water (larger and smaller). The park has a number of wooden bridges and a waterfall. There are also many the asphalt-covered waking lanes (originally of gravel). They should resemble beginning of the twentieth-century, due to plentifulness of street lamps and benches.

Park Sołacki has various exotic species such as Douglas fir, Canadian Hemlock, Swamp cypress, Tartarian maple, silver maple which are planted mostly at the edges of the pond. They are the main theme of the park's landscape. Fauna of the Park Sołacki is formed by countless species of birds, among them the rare species e.g. mandarin (whose home is south-west Asia) or Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos minor).

Sołacki Park is a very popular place to relax among Poznan citizens, which are attracted by it's landscapes, as well as peace and quiet. In the bustle of the city this place is a green, clean and quiet enclave, where you can chill-out. This park is also popular among cyclists.

An additional landscape element is a path connecting Sołacki Park and the city center of Poznan. Aleja wielkopolska is a street full of chestnut trees.

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Geographical coordinates 52.4232798, 16.8981948
Address Poznań, Park Sołacki
Area 14.63
Length 1100.00
Width 250.00

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