Christ Church in Nazareth

Christ Church (Hebrew: כנסיית המשיח ‎) is a Protestant - Anglican church located in the town of Nazareth, Israel. Due to financial troubles the church was never finished: The church has no spire. Nearby lies the famous Church of the Annunciation

When the church was finished, in 1871, it was the second Anglican church to be built in the Holy Land. The first is located in Jerusalem. The building was consecrated by Bp. Samuel Gobat, and the Rev. John Zeller was the pastor at the time of its consecration. The Church Missionary Society (CMS) provided many of the early missionaries who served at Christ Church. It served as a mission center for the region and ministry also took place in Mujeidal (Migdal ha Emeq, today), Reine, and Cana of Galilee.

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Geographical coordinates 32.7023610, 35.2959720
Address Nazareth,
Construction dates - 1871

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