Those are the stats from my sitemeter alogtuhh I don't see it in the sidebar. Hmmm, might could be a problem, lol! As for TTLB, I think the Blogging Chicks group somehow has it rigged I get TTLB credit for every one that links throught the blogroll even though I don't get that many visits. My posts were few and far between, literally, there for a while, so I m not clueless why some might have stopped checking in. While this same sitemeter was reading about 40-50 visits/week for a while (nothing spectacular), this week's figures were still a bit surprising.


  • appearance rating appearance 1 rating appearance 2 rating appearance 3 rating appearance 4 rating appearance 5
  • accessibility rating accessibility 1 rating accessibility 2 rating accessibility 3 rating accessibility 4 rating accessibility 5
  • price rating price 1 rating price 2 rating price 3 rating price 4 rating price 5
  • waiting time rating waiting time 1 rating waiting time 2 rating waiting time 3 rating waiting time 4 rating waiting time 5
  • neighborhood rating neighborhood 1 rating neighborhood 2 rating neighborhood 3 rating neighborhood 4 rating neighborhood 5
  • safety rating safety 1 rating safety 2 rating safety 3 rating safety 4 rating safety 5
  • tourist-friendly rating tourist-friendly 1 rating tourist-friendly 2 rating tourist-friendly 3 rating tourist-friendly 4 rating tourist-friendly 5
  • average rating 1 rating 2 rating 3 rating 4 rating 5 (2.71)


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