colour of magic!

It is just amazing!!! It is easy to find. First time when I saw it I was shocked because I was expecting something a little bit different... but after few minutes being there I just fell in love! it is so colourfull and diverse kinds of food! I love to eat and to prepare by myself the dishes that's way when I start choosing food there I just couldn't stop doing it :) on the other hand it is a little more expensive then others markets becaue it is the most famous one... but you have to buy there something at least for once :)


  • appearance rating appearance 1 rating appearance 2 rating appearance 3 rating appearance 4 rating appearance 5
  • accessibility rating accessibility 1 rating accessibility 2 rating accessibility 3 rating accessibility 4 rating accessibility 5
  • price rating price 1 rating price 2 rating price 3 rating price 4 rating price 5
  • waiting time rating waiting time 1 rating waiting time 2 rating waiting time 3 rating waiting time 4 rating waiting time 5
  • neighborhood rating neighborhood 1 rating neighborhood 2 rating neighborhood 3 rating neighborhood 4 rating neighborhood 5
  • safety rating safety 1 rating safety 2 rating safety 3 rating safety 4 rating safety 5
  • tourist-friendly rating tourist-friendly 1 rating tourist-friendly 2 rating tourist-friendly 3 rating tourist-friendly 4 rating tourist-friendly 5
  • average rating 1 rating 2 rating 3 rating 4 rating 5 (3.71)


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Report of La Boqueria Market (Barcelona)

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