Bruges - tourist attractions (page 2)

markerA Groeningemuseum The Groeningemuseum is a municipal museum of Bruges, Belgium. It houses a comprehensive survey of six centuries of Flemish and Belgian painting, from Jan van Eyck to Marcel Broodthaers. The museum's many highlights include its collection of " Flemish Primitive " art, works by a wide range of Renais... Groeningemuseum - photo
markerB Town Hall in Bruges The Bruges 14th-century Town Hall with its long vertical windows, splendid ornaments and plentifulness of statues, is a vibrant example of a fine Gothic style.The town hall was built between 1376 and 1420 and is one of the oldest still existing in the Low Countries. Town Hall in Bruges - photo
markerC Burg Square in Bruges Burg Square is one the two most important Medieval public spaces in Bruges, Belgium. It is here where all the administrative buildings and key churches are located, whereas it is the other one, Market, which remains the commercial centre of the city. Burg Square in Bruges - photo
markerD Concertgebouw in Bruges The Concertgebouw is a concert hall in the Belgian city of Bruges. The building was built for "Bruges 2002 European Capital of Culture", though there were already in the 1990 plans for such a project to start in Bruges. Besides a large hall which has 1,290 seats on three levels, there is also the c... Concertgebouw in Bruges - photo
markerE Minnewaterpark The Minnewaterpark is a park in the south of the center of the Belgian city of Bruges. Minnewaterpark - photo
markerF Groenerei Canal The Groenerei Canal is a tranquil, tree-lined canal in the centre of Bruges, Belgium. On the southern bank of the canal there is also a parallel street called Groenerei (eng. green canal). Over the canal there are several stone bridges, such as Peerdenbrug or Blinde-Ezelbrug Meebrug. The canal is p... Groenerei Canal - photo
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